Our Approach

At Handley Cellars, we firmly believe in a conscious and conscientious approach to farming and winemaking. We purchase grapes from small, local, family growers, and whenever possible, we select fruit that is farmed organically. Our winemaking philosophy is to let the distinctive qualities of each vineyard shine through. Working with carefully tended, exceptional sites, we strive to create wines which faithfully reflect the unique characteristics of the vineyards and viticultural region, focusing on our appellation of Anderson Valley. We select vineyards that fully ripen at lower brix, resulting in wines with low to moderate alcohol levels. Beginning with the 2012 vintage, our white wines are free of animal products. From start to finish, we are mindful of our impact on our rural valley, and the implications of our farming and wine making choices for future generations.

Red Wines

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We aim to produce fruit-driven red wines with balanced ripeness and acidity, moderate alcohol levels, and minimal oak influence. The Anderson Valley is an ideal growing region for Pinot Noir. We also bottle Syrah and Zinfandel sourced from warmer inland vineyards within Mendocino County, as well as other bold reds and proprietary red blends.

White Wines

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We employ minimal intervention in the creation of our white wines. Barrels are used to provide structure, softness, and to contribute to the overall texture. Our Chardonnay and Alsace varietals have found a unique home in Anderson Valley’s cool climate.

Special Editions

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These are unique, proprietary, small lot wines highlighting Mendocino County’s diversity. The range of sites and varietals offers Handley winemakers the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Sparkling Wines

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The moderate days and cool nights in the Anderson Valley provide the ideal climate for growing exceptional sparkling wine grapes. Making small lots of sparkling wine remains a labor of love for Handley’s winemaking team.